Parish Council update

In line with government guidance and to support the safety of our parish residents and staff the council’s facilities which are classed as for recreation, meetings and leisure are closed. This means Arden Hall, the playing field and Hobs Farm park are not open...

Latest guidance on staying at home

Here is the latest government guidance on staying at home, staying safe and protecting our NHS. Full_guidance_on_staying_at_home_and_away_from_others__1_

Need help?

Solihull Council is in the process of producing further guidance for community groups. In the meantime, if you need help call 0121 704 8001/6000, or call SCH on 0121 717 1515 if you are an SCH tenant.

Latest Message from Solihull Council’s Leader

Stay Home, protect our NHS and save lives I am pleased that people do seem to be heeding the advice and are now staying at home. This, along with keeping your distance, is the most important action we can take to fight coronavirus; it’s all about reducing the spread...

Parish Council, Arden Hall and parks

In keeping with government guidance to “Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.” all parish council business is temporarily suspended. This means Arden Hall, the parks behind Arden Hall and at Hobs Farm are closed. Council meetings will not take place...