At 10am The Youth Parish Councillors, Park Hall students, councillors and volunteers all arrived at the village green, with our spades, ready to plant our garden. The Youth Council have been planning this garden for over a year and were extremely happy to see that all the plants were ready for planting – we had to wait for the right season so beds have been bare in the summer since the paths were laid and the donated bench was put in by the Community Payback team.

We started by raking over the beds to get rid of any weeds. While this was being completed by the numerous helpers, others placed the box hedging around the edge, ready for its planting position. While everyone was hard at work, we awaited the arrival of our bigger plants. These arrived at 11am. When the box hedging had been planted to form a border in all three beds we then placed: lavender, cordyline, broom and phormium in the correct place. After these had been planted we also put in many bulbs: red riding hood tulips, bluebells, scilli and the narcissi curlew (daffodils) into our beds. When the weeds were brushed up and the paths cleaned of excess soil we had finally finished planting for the day. The garden was beginning to take shape, ready for the planting of the peace tree on Monday 25th October 2010.

Thank you to all who came along to help with this project, which has been funded by the Parish Council with help from Birmingham Airport Community Trust Fund, Solihull MBC and others. In total over 25 people came to help us, including:

Youth Councillors: Amy Baynton, Jessica Browne, Natasha Browne, Tom Clayton, Grace Healy, Ruth Jennings, Lauren Phillips, and Rachael Wolliston were joined by Parish Councillors Pauline Allen, and Andrew Terry. We have been greatly helped in planning this garden by Carl Ferris from Halls Garden Centre. We would like to thank Borough Councillor Ted Richards, local residents and people from local groups of the scouts, brownies, beavers, lions, and also students and teachers from Park Hall Academy for giving their time on this Sunday.