Youth Council Councillors

Details of elected Chairman, Vice-chairman and Youth Councillors of Castle Bromwich Youth Council are as follows …

  • Chairman of the Youth Parish Council: Youth Councillor Jessica Browne

    I decided to join Castle Bromwich Youth Parish Council as it is a wonderful opportunity for young people to give back to a community which has given us all so much. I have gained numerous skills and opportunities from the experiences given to us over the previous years.

  • Vice Chairman of the Youth Parish Council: Youth Councillor Niamh Strong

    I joined Castle Bromwich Youth Council as I felt that it linked well with being on Park Hall Academy School Council, as it would not only help my school on a small scale, but help my community on a bigger scale. As a member of the Youth #council I feel as if I have developed more skills such as public speaking.

  • Youth Councillor – Natasha Browne

    I joined the Youth Council to ensure better representation for young people in Castle Bromwich. As a member of the Youth Council I feel I have made a positive contribution to the Community and hopefully ensured a positive image of young people as a result.

  • Youth Councillor – Ellie Batterham
  • Youth Councillor – Ben Clayton

    My name is Ben Clayton and I joined the Castle Bromwich Youth Council so that I could give back to the local community. I wanted to help make Castle Bromwich a better place for the youth by ensuring that there are plenty of activities for the youth to take part in.

  • Youth Councillor – George Chance-Osman
  • Youth Councillor – Ashleigh Dorgan
  • Youth Councillor – Charlotte Jobson
  • Youth Councillor – Emma Elllis
  • Youth Councillor – Bronte Turner

The Youth Councillors can be contacted through the Parish Council:

Council Offices
Arden Hall
Water Orton Road
Castle Bromwich
B36 9PB

Telephone: 0121 747 6503
Fax: 0121 747 2187


Please note: To improve our service to you, any concerns of residents are normally shared with local councillors.
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